Are Fish Pedicures Safe?

Are Fish Pedicures Safe?

The controversial topic currently swimming through your headlines is the fish pedicure. If you haven’t heard of it by now, you are probably thinking we are insane. But, this is a legitimate thing. People are using fish to nibble on and remove the dead skin on their feet. And the question that everyone is asking: Are Fish Pedicures Safe? This is the question we will be answering today. But, we’ll also take the time to go over the benefits and whether this method is illegal in some areas. So, keep reading this article to answer your commonly asked question, “Are Fish Eating Pedicures Safe?”

Are Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures Safe?

You might also be wondering, “Are Garra Rufa Fish Pedicures Safe?” he Garra rufa, otherwise known as the red garra, is a small fish that is found in West Asian regions. These little fish are what people have been using for years to remove the dead skin on their feet. From what we can discern, most practices involve placing your feet in a basin of water for around twenty minutes. While your feet are beneath the surface, these minnow-size fish nibble at your toes. But, before you envision monsters taking your feet off, the fish don’t have teeth. So, if they don’t have teeth, where are the rumors of fish pedicures being unsafe coming from? Keep reading to find out once and for all, “Are Fish Pedicures Safe?”

Is The Fish Pedicure Banned In Some Areas?

Let’s finally get beneath the surface of your question. The reason that people think that a Fish Spa is dangerous is for two reasons: Bacteria and eco system contamination. While there could be many Fish Pedicure Benefits, there is also a certain risk-factor involved. Think about it. Hundreds of these tiny fish are scraping off the dead skin from numerous different people. If someone has an infection, there is potential for it to spread. However, salon owners defend by stating that the bacteria doesn’t stand a chance in their unfiltered tanks. The second reason of the Fish Pedicure Banned in some states is that the fish could threaten native plant and animal life if it gets let into the wild.

Are There Fish Pedicure Benefits?

Fish pedicures aren’t all bad! Here are a few benefits that you could receive by getting a fish pedicure:

  1. Very relaxing process
  2. Reduction of dead skin
  3. Stimulate blood circulation
  4. Reduce bacteria and odor
  5. Gives clean and soft feeling

Before You Go

You might also be wondering this common question, “Are Fish Pedicures Safe In Mexico?” But, the same risks are going to be taken anywhere you go. So, if you are hoping to try the Fish Spa, that’s completely up to you. Just know that the answer is going to be the same anywhere. If you liked this article, give us a like, share it with your friends, or comment below! If you are looking for other skin care products or routines, check out some of our top skin creams and guides by browsing the buttons at the top of Skin Care Critic! We hope we have answered your question, “Are Fish Eating Pedicures Safe!”

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