Asian Skincare Practices

It’s no secret that Asian women have some of the most strikingly beautiful and youthful skin around. Many Asian ladies just don’t seem to age! And, while genetics play a huge role (AKA they are just lucky!) there are other things that these women may be doing that you wouldn’t typically think of. So in this article, we’ll be looking at Asian Skincare Practices you can adopt and add to your arsenal of anti-aging tools! So let’s get started.

What Asian Skincare Practices can you adopt today? We’ll be going over ones you can easily add to your routine with little cost. All it will take is changing a few habits and adding some more steps. But some of these Asian Skincare Practices you probably have never even heard of! Have we peaked your interest? Keep reading!

Asian Skincare | An Introduction

Different cultures have different approaches to the basic parts of life. And Asia is a different world altogether. Even though globalization is making aspects of life similar everywhere for affluent people, there is still cultural wisdom that exists elsewhere that we can learn from. And lucky for us, there is plenty of information on Asian Skincare Practices that can help fill you in on the secrets of Asian women and their gorgeous, seemingly ageless skin! Like we said, genetics play a role (a big role). But these Asian Skincare Practices also influence how nice your skin can be! So what are some Asian Skincare Practices you can integrate into your routine today?

Asian Skincare | Double Cleansing

Asian beauty gurus will swear by benefits you get from cleansing twice in a row. This can happen morning and night. You’d think this would dry out your skin, but actually that’s not the case necessarily. You see, the first cleanse is with an oil-based product to remove makeup and sunscreen etc. The second step is using a more traditional water-based cleanser to remove the oil and everything else.

Asian Skincare | Adding Essence

In Asian Skincare Practices, many women will add essences to their routines that they use to give themselves a special touch. What are these essences? They are packed with minerals, vitamins, and various amino acids. You can apply them after cleansing before you moisturize. Wondering about products? The SK-II brand has a signature Facial Treatment Essence which is a favorite among Japanese beauty circles.

Other Asian Skincare Hacks:

  1. Steam Massage – Do it in the shower. Give your face a massage using gentle, circular motions and also tap your face in motions that rotate as well. This increases blood circulation which helps rejuvenate your skin.
  2. Washcloth Exfoliation – Soak a clean washcloth in hot water. Use this nubby washcloth to gently exfoliate.
  3. Sheet Face Masks – Ever tried a charcoal sheet mask? The time is now to try!
  4. Blurring Makeup Technique – This blurring technique involves using coverage products with brushes to create a blurring effect that is subtle and effective.
  5. Korean Barely Tea – Barely tea is the anti-oxidant rich tea that many Koreans enjoy. It may improve blood circulation. Drink up!

Asian Skincare Practices | The Bottom Line

There’s much more that can be said about Asian Skincare Practices than we have been able to talk about in this brief article. Regardless, we hope you’ve learned something new that you can take away from this article. Try out some of these Asian Skincare Practices and see if they make a difference for you!

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