Best Korean Skincare Brands

America has skin care companies for days. For the most part, we’re all familiar with them. There’s another company that’s made huge strides in the world of skin care. That country is Korea. South Korea to be specific. We’re not sure what’s in North Korea, but we’re pretty sure they’re focus isn’t on skin care. Anyway, Korean skin care brands are growing in popularity, and their products are being carried by more and more companies found in America. Stores like Sephora have begun stocking Korean creams, moisturizers, and facial masks. That’s why we wrote this guide to some of the Best Korean Skincare Brands. They may not be the most well-known brands, but they’re definitely worth your attention.

American vs. Korean Skincare

We did some research on this and found some interesting differences between how Americans and Koreans approach the subject of skincare. American products are focused on beauty, bettering your appearance by covering up blemishes and abnormalities. Korea on the other hand has a focus on prevention of blemishes ever appearing in the first place. They’re more patient too. Rather than immediate results, Korean products are designed to be used consistently and solve root problems rather than just covering them up. It’s really no wonder why they’re growing in popularity on this side of the Pacific. Want to know more? Check out the Korean Skincare Routine.

The Best Korean Skincare Brands

  • COSRX – This brand’s products aren’t flashy. The bottles and boxes are simply designed. There are two primary draws to this brand. 1) The low price of the products, and 2) the effectiveness. You don’t need a fancy bottle for your product to work, and these products do work.
  • Missha – Also inexpensive, our favorite thing about this brand is just how many things each product can do. A lot of them serve multiple purposes such as being a moisturizer and SPF which gives you more bang for your buck.
  • Skinfood – This company uses common food items to make their products, and they’re all naturally and ethically sourced. The best comparison is that they’re the Burt’s Bees of Korea… sort of. They take the phrase, You are what you eat a little literally by having you put it on your skin, but hey, whatever works.
  • Banila Co – From makeup removers to moisturizers, this brand may be a touch more expensive than the others we’ve mentioned, but they’re high quality products that are definitely worth your attention.
  • IOPE – Like Banila Co, these products are going to cost a little more than the others, but they’re by no means obscenely expensive. They’re creams are taking off in the states for the effectiveness, and many people are reporting that they have some of the best smelling products out there.

Best Korean Skincare Brands – Others

If we listed all of the great brands from Korea, we’d be here all day, and so would you. We just wanted to highlight a few of our favorites. We encourage you to look into Korean companies and choose some of your favorites. There are more companies out there than you think, so start experimenting. Who knows? Maybe American skincare isn’t for you.

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