Best Overnight Skincare Tips

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Overnight Skincare: Your Complete Guide

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all take a day-long spa trip each week? After all, that’s REALLY the kind of pampering our skin deserves! Extensive and complicated skincare routines are gaining popularity, especially with the recent rise of Korean 10-step skincare routines! And a lengthy routine COULD bring major improvements to your skin. But not all of us have hours to spend caring for our skin each day! So what if you could put your skincare to work WHILE YOU SLEEP? More and more companies are introducing products designed to care for your skin while you sleep so you can wake up GLOWING! AND there are tons of DIY ways to pamper your skin overnight. We’re bringing you our best overnight skincare tips so you can make the most of your ZZZ time!

Best Overnight Skincare Tips

  • Honey Is Your Friend | If you’ve got breakout prone skin that is also sensitive or somewhat dry, honey should top the list of your best overnight skincare tips! Honey has antibacterial properties to stop breakouts in their tracks, but it’s also gently soothing and hydrating! Try applying raw honey to your breakouts before bed! You can cover them with a bandage if you’re worried about honey getting on your pillows!
  • Jump On The Tea Tree Train | Tea Tree Oil is another powerful acne fighter found in nature. Again, the antibacterial properties in this oil make it great for fighting zits. But it’s MUCH too potent to be used on its own all over the face. We recommend mixing a few drops tea tree with a carrier oil like almond or argan oil and applying this to spots or all over the face overnight. Tea tree can be drying, so make sure to pay attention to how your skin reacts and adjust accordingly! Use it right and it’s HIGH on our list of best overnight skincare tips.
  • Get Yourself Some Apple Cider Vinegar | Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t just good for salad dressing. It’s full of probiotics and it can also be super detoxifying and toning for the skin! Just swipe some on with a cotton pad the way you would your toner and leave on overnight! You should wake up to glowing skin!
  • Get Silky Smooth Sleep | Did you know your pillow can actually tug and pull at your skin while you sleep, contributing to fine lines and wrinkles? Try to focus on sleeping on your back, and invest in some nice silk pillowcases! These will be smooth against your skin and hair to minimize damage and keep your beauty sleep BEAUTIFUL!
  • Get Liberal With The Facial Oil | Overnight is the perfect time to really lay it on thick with your facial oils. You don’t have to worry about looking like an oil slick, because you don’t have to leave the house! As part of our best overnight skincare tips, we recommend an oil that has plenty of Vitamin E, which is super hydrating and could actually help protect your skin from the sun! So when you face a new day, your skin will be ready!

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