Best Skincare Rituals

If you want to have a long lasting, youthful glow to your skin, you’re going to have to work for it. And sure, there are plenty of products here at The Skincare Critic that can help make your own personal skincare plan complete. But even the newest trends in skincare products can’t totally compete with Best Skincare Rituals that women have been using for generations around the world. So in this brief article, we’ll be looking at these traditional Skincare Rituals to see how you already use them in your daily life and maybe ones that you can integrate for a healthier, more youthful future for your skin.

Best Skincare Rituals: The Basic Don’ts

No matter what your opinions of Best Skin Care Rituals are, there are some very real “don’t” that you can implement in your life and already know you’re one step ahead of the next lady trying to keep her skin soft, tight, and youthful. But before we get more into the Best Skincare Rituals in general and from around the world and from different cultures, let’s go over things you should be avoiding. Some of these “basic don’ts” include:

  1. Tanning – Don’t go tanning.
  2. Partying – Don’t drink or smoke.
  3. Having A Work-Hard / Play-Hard Attitude – Don’t skimp on self care. This will catch up with you.
  4. Being Careless – Don’t be careless with your skin. Protect against the sun, etc. Rid your life of stress. Practice being calm.
  5. Using Harsh Products – Don’t use products with tons of chemicals in them.

Best Skincare Rituals: The Basic Dos

To contrast, any of the Best Skincare Rituals will include certain positive traits that treat skin in ways that will do the following. The “basic dos” will include:

  • Protection
  • Hydration / Moisturizing
  • Anti Inflammatory / Detox
  • Simplicity
  • Intention / Circulation Promoting

Best Skincare Rituals: Examples From Around The World

So how do the above principles fit into the Best Skincare Rituals around the world? We’ve looked into it. And here’s what we’ve come up with:

  1. France – It’s fun to learn that one of the Best Skincare Rituals comes from Marie Antoinette. A trick she used was layering her hands with thick, creamy oils and wearing gloves, allowing the nourishment to absorb while she slept. This is hydration and protection to the max!
  2. Japan – Argan oil is an example of a simple nourishing ingredient to use on your skin. In Japan, it has a history of use for skincare. Massage into your skin to create blood circulation too which can also work to reduce wrinkles, an example of skincare with intention.
  3. Finland – Did you know that dating back to the Middle Ages, saunas have their roots in the country of Finland? These saunas worked to help detox skin, provide overall wellness benefits, and then resulted in the use of sweet essential oils to replenish any moisture lost while detoxing during the sweat session.

Best Skincare Rituals: The Takeaway

As you can see, these Best Skin Care Rituals contain many of the “basic dos” we list including detoxing, simplifying, using intention, hydration, and protection. What other Best Skin Care Rituals could your create for yourself to make sure you’re doing favors for YOUR skin?  

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