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Your Complete Guide To Crystal Skin Care!

From homeware to jewelry, we’re seeing crystals EVERYWHERE. Precious and semi-precious stones are having a MOMENT, whether they’re polished, rough, or infused into our haircare and cleaning products! More and more people are embracing the new age healing properties of crystals! And that means more and more skin care lines have been infusing crystals into their products in one way or another! Some crystals and stones have mineral benefits for the skin, while others may simply carry metaphysical soothing and healing energetic properties! The energetic and healing properties of crystals are up for debate, but there’s no denying that crystal skin products are all the rage right now! And we’re big fans of them ourselves.

What Is Crystal Infused Skin Care?

Thanks to the recent renewed popularity of crystals, there are a wide range of ways available for you to incorporate crystal skin products into your routine! You could opt to look for formulas that include actual pulverized crystals in them! There are also products that simply use the essence of the stone. That is, a serum that has been infused with the energetic PROPERTIES of the crystal through one means or another. Again, because this is a new age belief, there’s not much hard science to support the use of healing crystal essences. But plenty of people swear by them for a MULTITUDE of uses! If you’re not to keen on using crystal skin products, you could try using a crystal facial roller instead! They make facial rollers out of all kinds of precious gems like rose quartz, jade, and onyx! And facial rolling massage could increase circulation and improve the appearance of skin! And that IS science.

Do Crystal Infused Skin Products Work?

Like we said earlier, it’s hard to say if crystal skin products really work. The good news is, most of these formulas contain plenty of other skin-nourishing ingredients, so even if the crystals don’t improve your skin, these products might! It’s important to remember, though, when thinking about the skin benefits of crystals: there are many things modern science still doesn’t understand. Just because the research behind crystal skin products may not exist YET, that doesn’t mean we won’t ever find hard evidence to support the healing benefits of crystals! And there’s no denying the natural beauty they can lend to your environment, regardless of any potential metaphysical properties! We’re all for more beauty in our skin care!

Our Favorite Crystal Skin Products

There are so many new crystal skin care products being released these days, it can be hard to keep up! And hard to know which formulas are the best. So we rounded up this list of our FAVORITE crystal skin products for you:

  • Herbivore Botanicals Pineapple + Gemstone Mask | This natural mask has been infused with Brazilian White Tourmaline Gemstone. They say it helps to illuminate the skin and support cell growth! $48
  • Sjal Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask | This multi-purpose mask uses pearl extract to slough away dead skin cells and reveal a brighter looking complexion! Pearl is one of our FAVORITE skin care ingredients lately! $165
  • Girl Undiscovered Under The Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water | This gently cleansing micellar water is infused with rose quartz and citrine. They say it will hydrate the skin while promoting love, acceptance, and joy! $45
  • Shiffa Beauty Emerald Gem Stone Face Oil | Emerald could help to balance out stressed out, imbalanced skin! It could even stimulate cell regeneration! $91
  • Nazan Schnapp Regenerating Gel Cleanser | This skin care line is a Swiss standby, now available in the US! Their cleanser is infused with amethyst, which could help to detoxify and soothe sensitive skin!

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