Easy Homemade Face Scrubs

Easy Homemade Face Scrubs

You may already know how to make Easy Homemade Face Scrubs. But do you know which ones work best? Do you know why you use Easy DIY Face Scrubs? Or do have you just been following your friends for so many years it has become natural? Or maybe, you don’t know anything about these Easy DIY Scrubs. But regardless of whether or not you use these scrubs or for what reason you use them, we are going to tell you why they are a necessity. Because not many people actually know why they use their beauty routine. Then later, we’ll get to the fun part and tell you how to make your own Easy Homemade Face Scrub!

Why Do I Need Easy Homemade Face Scrubs?

Put simply, people create their own Easy DIY Face Scrub to exfoliate their skin. By using face scrubs, you could scrub away all of the dead skin cells so that it makes room for new cell growth. As a result, you could hope to have smoother, healthier skin! But the benefits of these Easy DIY Scrubs don’t stop there! By scrubbing your skin, you could benefit in these ways:

  • Get A Deeper Clean
  • Remove Flaky Skin
  • Clears Dead Skin Cells
  • Makes Skin Glow
  • Lightens Dark Spots
  • Stops Ingrown Hairs
  • Smooths Skin
  • Improves Texture
  • Clearer Complexion

These are the basic benefits you could hope to experience by using Easy Homemade Face Scrubs! Oftentimes, using your facial cleanser will clean your skin, but it does nothing to get the deeper dirt out. By using a scrub, you can deep clean your skin in a gentle way.

What Are The Best Easy Homemade Face Scrubs

The Easy DIY Face Scrubs you use are highly dependent on your skin type. For those with sensitive skin, they should always pick a brown sugar base for their scrub because this is a softer sugar. Normal skin types could use a cane sugar base. To really get a deep clean, you can even switch to using a salt base face scrub. By using a salt exfoliant, you get a more abrasive, harder clean for your skin. But we don’t recommend this for delicate skin. If you go with a salt scrub, we recommend either regular sea salt or black lava sea salt. The next ingredient that you add is an oil. Olive oil, safflower oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are all great choices! You can even add kiwis, strawberries, pineapple, tomato, or cucumber to your scrub! But keep in mind you should refrigerate your Easy Homemade Face Scrubs if you add those.

Easy DIY Face Scrub

Now that you know what goes into your Easy Homemade Face Scrubs, we’re going to give you our own recipe! You can easily adjust it by substituting any of the ingredients that we listed above if you don’t like how it goes. Here’s how to make it:

  1. Start with ½ cup sugar
  2. Add ½ coconut oil
  3. Mash up 3 strawberries
  4. Add it to the mixture
  5. Stir everything together
  6. Place in plastic, lidded container

That’s it! If you substitute something for the strawberries, be sure not to use too much! You can also try any of the other oils to see what you like for your own Easy Homemade Face Scrubs. But, keep the measurements as is for the sugar and oil amounts.

Easy Homemade Face Scrubs: Before You Go

Now that you know how great Easy Homemade Face Scrubs can be for your skin, maybe you’ll want to invest in some products that aren’t homemade. If that’s the case, check out Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. This one could work incredibly well if you don’t want to make your own facial scrub. Otherwise, you can also check out some of the products that line the sides of this article! You may find something you like! If you want to learn more about skincare, check out our article on what causes zits!

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