Facial Rolling How To

How To Use A Facial Roller For Glowing Skin!

If you like to keep up with skin care trends, you know Korean skin care is all the rage right now! From sheet masks to 10-step skin care, everyone’s loving K-beauty! And that means more and more people are tapping in to ancient beauty secrets from around the world, too! It’s not just our skin care products that are advancing! It’s our skin care TOOLS, too. And with more people than ever willing to take TIME to care for their skin, facial rolling is becoming more popular than ever! This has been practiced for centuries to keep skin looking glowing! That’s why we want to give you a facial rolling how to!

What Is A Facial Roller?

The first step of a facial rolling how to is understanding what a facial roller actually IS! Even though this technology is FAR from new, it’s new to many modern consumers! Basically, it looks like a tiny paint roller usually! But where the foam roller would be, there’s usually a smooth stone or metal roller. Some of the most common materials used are gold, silver, jade, amethyst, and rose quartz! You roll this along the skin when applying your skin care. Think of it like a massage for your face!

Benefits Of Facial Rolling

Now that you understand what a facial roller IS, the next step in this facial rolling how to is WHY. Why would you want to roll a crystal on your face? Well, there’s a few reasons:

  • Blood Flow | Facial rolling has been shown to increase circulation of the skin. Which could improve skin appearance overall!
  • Collagen Production | Rollers might help boost collagen production, which keeps skin looking firm and taut!
  • Relieves Facial Tension | We said to think of it like a massage for your face, and we meant it! We store a lot of tension in our facial muscles! And that can lead to wrinkles! Facial rolling can help release the muscles!
  • Enhances Product Absorption | Some people say that facial rolling helps their products absorb deeper into the skin!
  • Stimulates Lympathic Drainage | One of the most common claims is that facial rolling can detoxify and reduce puffiness by stimulating drainage of the lymphs!

Facial Rolling How To

We’ve finally made it to the actual facial rolling how to! And would you believe us if we told you it’s the EASIEST part of this whole education process? Because all it really involves is applying your skincare products, and then rolling your roller along your skin. Now, we do have a couple of tips. You always want to roll in an UPWARD motion on the face. Gravity is pulling our skin down. Is facial rolling how to bring it back up? And of course, you want to be gentle with your skin! Don’t go too fast and don’t push too hard! Take your time! You’ll probably want to, because honestly it feels great! Keep rolling until your products have absorbed into the skin!

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