Glass Skin Trend How To

Glass Skin Trend: How To Guide

Glass skin is the latest trend to hit the states from Korea. But what is it? Also known as “yuri pibu”, glass skin means skin that looks super healthy, toned, hydrated, and fresh. Imagine skin so dewy, luminous, and poreless it seems almost translucent like glass. In this glass skin trend how to we’ll teach you the steps to accomplish this beautiful look for yourself! The key to achieving glass skin is intense hydration. This glass skin trend how to guide focuses on layering products that will lock in moisture and plump skin.

Glass Skin Step #1: Double Cleansing

It’s no secret that many Korean skincare routines involve many steps. And this glass skin trend how to is no exception. But trust us when we say, the time spent is worth it to have the smoothest, clearest skin imaginable. The first step of the glass skin trend how to is to double cleanse your face. First, cleanse with an oil-based cleanser to remove any makeup and dirt from the skin. Then, for an extra deep clean, use a foaming cleanser.

Glass Skin Step #2: Exfoliation

Dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull and clog your pores. That’s the OPPOSITE of what we want for this glass skin trend how to. Exfoliation will help to slough away this dead skin. Make sure to exfoliate gently. You can also use a toner (we talk about these in the next step) with AHA or BHA to chemically exfoliate the skin.

Glass Skin Step #3: Toner Or Essence

Next up in this glass skin trend how to is toner and essence. A toner is a liquid made to benefit the skin that helps to prep the skin for the rest of your routine. An essence or serum is an essential part of every Korean skincare routine. Use an essence after your toner to add extra moisture to the skin after toning and to set your skin up for success in the rest of your routine. After washing your face, wipe down your skin with toner on a cotton pad and then gently pat a moisturizing and brightening essence or serum all over.

Glass Skin Step #4: Sheet Mask

The third step is our absolute favorite part of the glass skin trend how to. This is when we get to sheet mask! Long popular in Korea, sheet masks have become a craze in the US skincare industry within the past several years. With skin-beneficial ingredients on a ready-to-use sheet that fits your face, sheet masks make skincare easier than ever. And they’re fun! Focus on using a sheet mask that has hydrating and pore-refining properties.

Glass Skin Step # 5: Moisturize

Finally, and maybe most importantly, seal in all that skincare goodness you’ve just applied by locking it in with a rich moisturizer. The superior hydration you’ll get through this routine is what’s responsible for that glowing, translucent “glass” look. Look for moisturizers that have hylauronic acid (this helps to draw moisture into the skin) or are otherwise advertised as extra hydrating! If you follow all the steps in this glass skin trend how to, everyone will be asking you what your skincare secret is!

Glass Skin Trend How To: Ingredients To Look For

Purchasing the products for the glass skin trend can be overwhelming! There are so many out there to choose from, we couldn’t possibly list even 1%. And your individual skin might need a different balance than others. So here are some ingredients to look out for that will help to moisturize, brighten, or refine the skin so you can shop like a glass skin trend how to expert.

  • Hydration| Keep an eye out for ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid.
  • Brightening| Look for products that contain calendula, snail essence (!!), green tea, or vitamin C.
  • Smoothing| Natural exfoliants like ground walnut shells, rice powder, or salt can help to smooth the surface of the skin. Also keep retinol, pumpkin, and collagen on your radar

We hope you enjoyed our Glass Skin Trend How To. Now go out and enjoy your fresh, glowing complexion!

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