Glass Skin Trend Tips

Glass Skin Trend Guide: Our Top Tips

There’s a new trend sweeping the beauty world: glass skin. This trend, like many emerging beauty trends today, comes out of Korea. Known for their advanced skincare and “less-is-more” makeup trends, Korean beauty is all the rage right now. And glass skin is one of our favorites! Glass skin simply refers to skin so smooth and glowing it looks almost translucent. And you TOO can achieve this look with the right skincare and makeup products. But what’s the best way to get glass skin? You’re about to find out as we give you our glass skin trend tips!

Glass Skin Trend Tips: Double Cleanse

The first step in achieving the clear, smooth skin of the glass skin trend is to double cleanse your skin. Now, most of us are pretty good about washing our faces twice a day: morning and night. But those in the know about glass skin trend tips say that washing your face twice can make a big difference in the clarity of your skin. Especially when we wash our faces at night, we’re often leaving behind traces of makeup and dirt from the day! Once just isn’t enough! But cleansing with an oil-based cleanser first to remove makeup and following with a foaming cleanser to clarify is one of the hottest glass skin trend tips!

Glass Skin Trend Tip: Exfoliation Is Key

No matter what you do, you won’t achieve glass skin without a smooth canvas. And that’s where exfoliation becomes important! Over time, dead skin cells can build up on the surface of our skin. And that leaves it looking dull and textured. You can use a chemical or a physical exfoliant a few times a week to help smooth the appearance of your skin. Chemical exfoliants use ingredients like citric acid or AHA to help slough dead skin without the help of physical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants use actual grains of a material like sugar, salt, microbeads, or the shells of nuts to physically remove dead skin. Just make sure you’re treating your skin to a soothing mask afterwards! Which brings us to the third item on our list of glass skin trend tips

Glass Skin Trend Tips: Masks Are Your Friend

Masks are a HUGE trend in Korean beauty and skincare. And for good reason! Masks can deliver more concentrated nourishment to our skin so we can really get our glow on! You can find hydrating sheet masks at most drugstores now, and they’re one of the simplest ways to mask! But if you don’t want to shell out tons of cash on these glass skin trend tips, you can also make your own hydrating mask at home! We also highly recommend overnight masks, which you actually leave on your skin while you sleep! Most of them fully absorb by morning so you wake up with the dewiest skin you’ve ever had!

Glass Skin Trend Tip: Amplify Your Natural Glow

Now that you’ve gotten the low-down on the skincare it takes to achieve the glass skin trend, it’s time to amplify that natural glow! Focus on cream makeup products. They’ll leave your skin with more of a natural, luminous finish than those labeled “matte”. Highlighter is your best friend! Even if you can’t get perfectly glowing skin using our glass skin trend tips, try mixing a bit of liquid highlighter into your foundation! The iridescent particles in most highlighting liquids will impart your skin with a healthy glow…even if you’re running on just a few hours of sleep!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our top glass skin trend tips! Did we miss YOUR favorite tip? Comment below!

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