How Hormones Affect Your Skin

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Think back to when you were a teenager. You know it well. Caste your mind back to that point and think about How Hormones Affect Your Skin. As teenagers, we experience acne as the most famous and frustrating skin problem. You couldn’t go out on a date if you had a huge pimple on your nose! And many teens relate to that struggle. But, as we grow up, this isn’t a problem as much for most. Until you hit a point where you get adult acne and you realize that How Hormones Affect Your Skin isn’t just something you must endure in your teen years.

Not everyone gets adult acne. Those lucky punks! But for the rest of us, it’s helpful to understand How Hormones Affect Your Skin. Because hormonal acne is different than other kinds of acne. It’s painful with deep lesions that will weep and crust over if you mess with them. Or remain large, hard, painful bumps on your skin. What’s a gal to do? Let’s explore How Hormones Affect Your Skin and see if we can problem solve this a bit.

How Hormones Affect Your Skin: And Introduction

It’s helpful for women (and men) struggling with adult acne to understand How Hormones Affect Your Skin. Because both male and female sex hormones along with the stress hormone, cortisol, have the potential to affect your skin. Usually by giving you painful adult acne involving deep lesions, making it very difficult to hide with makeup. And the pain! The pain. No one should live like that. So let’s consider How Hormones Affect Your Skin and what can be done about it.

Kinds Of Hormones That Affect Your Skin Include…

  • Cortisol – This is the stress hormone.
  • Testosterone – This is the male sex hormone.
  • Estrogen / Progesterone – These are female sex hormones.

This list is not exhaustive in terms of How Hormones Affect Your Skin.

Hormones And Your Skin: Stress

The stress hormone is called Cortisol. And this hormone has the ability to wreak havoc on your skin. It is well known for directly corresponding to increases in acne. This is important to consider. Since in so many facets of life we consider the benefits of being stress free. How Hormones Affect Your Skin is one more reason to find you peace within. And stay in that peaceful place as much as possible.

Naturally Reduce Cortisol By:

  1. Cleaning Up Your Diet
  2. Exercising More Often
  3. Upping How Much You Sleep
  4. Tapping Into Your Creative Side
  5. Forcing Relaxation Upon Yourself

Hormones And Your Skin: Menstruation

When you’re on your period, your bodies hormones are all over the place. So when you get your period, you may notice How Hormones Affect Your Skin a bit more. That’s why some people think going on birth control pills can help reduce acne. Since it manipulates these hormones. Still, some women find their skin is better off birth control. But it’s clear that How Hormones Affect Your Skin applies when it comes to your once a month headache.

Hormones And Your Skin: Testosterone Boosters

For men that may be experiencing adult acne, it may be linked to male enhancement supplements. If these supplements work as they are intended to, they may also come with them side effects like teenage style acne. That’s because many male enhancement supplements work kind of like birth control pills: by flooding a man’s body with sex hormones. But this hormone is testosterone, the male sex hormone. Testosterone can cause adult acne since higher levels of this in older men tricks the body into think it’s “younger” in a way. After all, acne is associated with puberty.

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