Red Wine Bath

It’s one of our favorite things to drink, and we were just found out you can bathe in it to help your skin! On one of our many internet rabbit holes searches we learned about a self-care trend that we all need! Red Wine Bath. Seriously. Let that soak in for a second. A bath in wine.

So, obviously we have to tell you what a Red Wine Bath can do for you! So, go grab a glass of it and read on to learn about your new favorite kind of bath. You know what we’ll be doing tonight.

You know that we’re always looking for the new trends to tell you about, so when we found out that there are people literally bathing in red wine, we had to find out more. And we’re guessing that you’re right there with us. So, today we’re going to tell you about all of the Red Wine Bath Benefits we can find! We’ll even tell you how to have your own spa day at home—wine will be a necessity, so start picking your favorite kind! We’re too excited for any more of these niceties! Let’s talk about wine!

Red Wine Bath Benefits

It’s common knowledge by now that red wine has a lot of different health benefits. But who would have thought about actually taking a bath in it to literally soak up the Red Wine Bath Soak Benefits?

Is that considered a waste of wine? Good news for you wine lovers: actual Red Wine Baths don’t use bottled wine. It’s called vinotherapy, and it uses the remnants that are produced as wine is being made, It’s a win-win! You can still enjoy your bottled wine while knowing that tall the waste isn’t going to waste.

Bathing in a Red Wine Bath Soak could help your skins stamina and longevity by increasing the lifespan of your skin cells. The waste left from making wine is full of all kinds of antioxidants that are good for your skin. That’s why so many different spas have been starting this process of Red Wine Baths!

Now, how do you get these Red Wine Bath Benefits at home and avoid all of the crazy costs of expensive spas? We’ll tell you!

Red Wine Bath At Home

There’s a really easy way to take a Red Wine Bath At Home. All you need is a bottle of red wine, and some honey! Here’s how you’re going to want to go about it:

  1. Start to full your tub with warm water
  2. As it’s filling up at 4 cups of red wine and 1 cup of organic honey to the water
  3. Sit in this soak for at least 20 minutes to get all of the benefits
  4. Make sure to rinse off after
  5. And gently pat dry!

There you go! An incredibly easy way to have a DIY Spa Day At Home. Remember, you need to light as many candles and drink at least one glass of wine while you do this.

Red Wine Bath Soak Final Thoughts

You can tell that we’re awfully excited to learn everything we’ve learned about a Red Wine Bath and what it could do for your skin. And even if you don’t want all of the benefits, wouldn’t it feel relaxing to be surrounded by your favorite drink?

Like we said above, you know what we’re doing when we get home!

Of course, thank you for reading Skin Care Critic! You know that we’re here for all of the skin care questions you could have! So, we hope you enjoy your new DIY Red Wine Bath!

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