Skin Benefits Of Pearl Powder

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Could Pearl Powder Make YOU Look Like Venus Reborn?

Have you ever seen the famous painting, The Birth of Venus? It depicts the Roman goddess Venus being born out of a delicate shell in a tranquil sea. As the goddess of all things beauty, love, and femininity, who better to turn to when it comes to skin care inspiration? Our new favorite skin care ingredient is part Venus, part traditional Chinese skin care. We’re talking about pearl powder! And if you don’t know anything about the skin benefits of pearl powder, you’re not alone! We hadn’t heard of it either! And we’ve been missing out. So we’re here to give you the low down.

What Is Pearl Powder?

It’s not just an ancient Chinese secret for glowing skin! Pearl powder has been used around the world throughout history by those looking to beautify! It’s even rumored that Cleopatra included it in her skincare regimen! The powder is made of crushed up fresh or salt water pearls. The pearls are crushed into a fine powder, which can be used topically on the skin OR ingested. Either way, you should be able to see the skin benefits of pearl powder in no time! And it’s not just about having great-looking skin! In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine systems, pearl powder is thought to have adaptogenic qualities! Which means it could help bring balance to MANY processes in the body! It’s even been used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic love potions as an aphrodisiac! So if the skin benefits of pearl powder don’t snag you a mate, the other benefits just might!!

What Are The Skin Benefits Of Pearl Powder?

One of the things that makes pearl powder such a potent and powerful ingredient is that pearls contain OVER 30 TRACE MINERALS. There’s all kinds of great stuff in there with potential benefits for your skin. And for other parts of your body as well! The skin benefits of pearl powder likely have EVERYTHING to do with this high mineral content. Here are just a few of the minerals and nutrients you’ll find inside pearl powder:

  • Calcium | A calcium deficiency in your diet could cause your skin to be dry and itchy! It’s even been linked to eczema and psoriasis!
  • Copper | Copper could help to promote collagen and elastin production. This means it could have healing and hydrating properties, as well as being anti-aging!
  • Iron | Getting more iron in your diet could mean getting better circulation to your skin! Which means you could have a healthy glow!
  • Selenium | Selenium could actually help to protect your skin cells from damage by neutralizing free radicals!
  • Silica | Silica may be a natural anti-inflammatory that could help with dry, irritated skin!
  • Conchiolin | This unique protein is found in the shells of several mollusks. It could help brighten the appearance of skin, hydrate, rebuild collagen, and help skin retain moisture! This is one of the compounds that makes pearl powder stand out!
  • Essential Amino Acids | One of the reasons you could see the skin benefits of pearl powder right away is that they contain essential amino acids. These are important because they are amino acids we need to live, but that our bodies don’t make enough of by themselves!

How To Use Pearl Powder For Skin

One of the greatest things about pearl powder is that you can customize how YOU want to incorporate it into your skin care routine! Because pure pearl powder is safe to eat, you can use it in your topical skin care OR as a dietary supplement. Here are a few of our favorite ways to reap the amazing skin benefits of pearl powder:

  • Apply Directly To Skin | Before bed, just use a face powder brush to apply pearl powder directly to clean, dry skin. Do not rinse. Wake up to glowing skin!
  • Make A DIY Mask | Add pearl powder into your favorite DIY mask recipe to kick things up a notch!
  • Add Into Your Moisturizer | Put some pearl powder into your moisturizer if you want to see some extra skin benefits of pearl powder. It could also add a touch of luminosity to your face cream!
  • Put It In Your Food Or Drinks | You can take pearl powder supplements or add the powder into food or drinks of your choice! The taste is very mild, so there are lots of ways to incorporate the skin benefits of pearl powder into your daily diet!

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