Vintage Skincare Routine

Do you ever get nostalgic for the eras that you weren’t even a part of? We do! We watch videos from the 30s or see pictures of people from the 20s and all we can see is how easy life looked back then. Don’t get us wrong, we like the progress we’ve made, but wouldn’t it be nice to feel comfortable knocking on your neighbor’s door for a cup of sugar? We’ve come up with a way that we can at least channel that era for a few minutes during the day, and that is with our Vintage Skincare Routine!

We’ve compiled a few things together for you! They’ll go as follows: an example of a Vintage Skincare Routine, the products they used to use, how to apply this Old Skincare Routine to our faces now, and the products we recommend using. To really top it off, we suggest following our Vintage Skin Care Routine with oldies music playing in the background and a nice candle burning. Do it all out! Anyway, let’s get started!

Vintage Skincare Routine Example

In 1920 women started to realize that eating healthy was one of the first steps to having nice skin. As this started to take over in the home, there was still plenty of additional things they did along with that. We’ve found an example of a Vintage Routine, and it went like this:

  1. Take a Bath with All-Purpose Soap: No showering here, and that bar of soap would be used for everything, from your body, to your face, and even to your laundry.
  2. Cleanse: Probably using the same all-purpose soap, you would cleanse vigorously. Your face, ears and neck with a warm washcloth and you’d come away squeaky clean. And yes, you cleanse before you apply makeup. Often times women used Pond’s Cold Cream.
  3. Apply Makeup: This usually consisted of face powder, some winged eyeliner, a hint of blush, some mascara, and red lipstick. Simple, yet powerful!
  4. Cleanse: Yes, again. At the end of the day ladies would use the same Pond’s Cold Cream to cleanse the makeup off of their faces. Using the cream and cotton balls, they would remove it in long strokes. Sometimes following up a second time if they thought it necessary.

Vintage Skincare Routine Products

So, now you have an example of a Vintage Skincare Routine, but what were the products that they used? When it came to Vintage Skincare the products weren’t nearly as elaborate as they are now. We’ve found a few of the most popular ones that were used. Here they are!

  • Pond’s Cold Cream
  • Helena Rubinstein’s Lipstick “Cupid’s Bow”
  • Cream Rouge’s
  • Petroleum jelly mixed with coal to create mascara

Now, doesn’t that Vintage Skin Care Routine sound a little iffy in some areas? Well, let’s see how we’ve figured out how to apply this to modern times!

Vintage Skincare Routine Made For Modern Days

We’ve made up our own version of this Vintage Skincare Routine utilizing the same premises. It goes like this:

  1. Take a Bath, or a Shower: Keep this step, but switch it out for a specialized soap. Don’t use the same stuff you do your laundry with! But keep yourself clean. You can do this in the mornings, or at night if you prefer. Remember that candle and vintage music though!
  2. Prep Your Skin: Instead of using a cleanser, get your skin ready for the makeup you’re going to put on. Start with an under-eye cream and a moisturizer. That will create a good base for your face before putting additional chemicals on it. Also, let it sit for 5 minutes before applying makeup.
  3. Apply Makeup: Do this however you would like! We personally love the Vintage Routine from above!
  4. Cleanse: Always, always, always take off your makeup and wash your face. Trust us. You don’t want to develop wrinkles because you were too tired to use a makeup wipe.

Vintage Skincare Routine Modern Products

Okay, now you know what Vintage Skincare Routines look like, and what products they used, and how we adapted the Old Skincare Routine, let’s get into the modern products we like to use!

  • Bath and Body Works shower gel
  • Tarte Drink of H2O
  • Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment
  • Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Mascara
  • Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Blush
  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Gazpacho – True Blue-Red
  • Ardell Eyebrow Pencil
  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

Now, the number of products we used compared to the Vintage Skincare Routine is higher, but, we also aren’t putting coal on our eyes! These will be better for your skin, and you can personalize your routine too!

Vintage Skincare Routine Final Thoughts

Now you know how to create your own Vintage Skincare Routine that is inspired by what they really did in the easier days… We just added a few products. But also, it’s a lot easier to find modern products than it is to find vintage product examples. We hope that you add some of the things you learned to your routine, or you just do it occasionally. There are all kinds of additional beauty tips on this website, so browse around a little extra while you’re here! Also, we love making our own lip scrubs to add to our cleansing ritual as well.

We’ve also linked a few products around this article that we think you would like! If you shop through those links, you’ll help us pay the bills! We do hope you found this article fun and useful. Thank you for reading the Skin Care Critic! We’ve got what you need!

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