Wildcrafted Beauty Products

Could Your Skin Care Use A Walk On The Wild Side?

When it comes to the beauty world, trends are always coming and going. But one trend that we’ve seen stick around in recent years? A turn to more natural skin and beauty products. First, it was enough to use natural ingredients. Then, they had to be organic. Now, brands are taking it to the next level with wildcrafted beauty products. What’s wildcrafting? Put simply, it’s basically foraging! This means the plants are being harvested from wild, natural habitats! And that could mean serious benefits for your skin AND the environment! In fact, it could be EVEN BETTER than seeking out organic products! Read on to find out more about the benefits of wildcrafted ingredients! We’ll also cover which ingredients we see most commonly available wildcrafted, and some of our favorite brands that sell wildcrafted skin care and beauty! Get ready for a whole new, wild world!

Why Use Wildcrafted Beauty Ingredients?

The short answer is this: because wildcrafted plants might pack more of a punch. Supporters of wildcrafting claim that plants harvested from their wild habitats are often more strong and potent than they would be if cultivated. The theory is that because these plants have had to fight to grow in the elements, without the aid of man, they have more strength and resilience! They’re also usually organic by default, since they’re growing in the wild! It’s kind of like organic taken to the next degree! While connecting with our environment to heal our skin and beautify ourselves is great, it’s important to pay attention to who you’re buying wildcrafted beauty products from! Over-foraging can damage plant and ecosystems, so make sure that the brand you’re buying from uses ethical and sustainable wildcrafting practices!

Wildcrafted Ingredients To Watch For

Obviously, there are some things you just can’t wildcraft. For instance, collagen. Collagen is a skin care ingredient that improves the appearance of skin and minimize wrinkles. However, collagen mainly comes from ANIMAL sources, and usually involves a process to extract the collagen in order to isolate it. When you’re looking for wildcrafted beauty products, be on the lookout for formulas that are mostly plant-based. These will be your best bet for finding wildcrafted ingredients. Here are some of our favorite ingredients we’ve seen in wildcrafted beauty products lately:

  • Sandalwood | Sandalwood has a delicious scent, but the powder or oil could also help to treat and heal acne, brighten the skin, and promote the fading of scars!
  • Jojoba | Jojoba oil is an all-star moisturizer, and wildcrafted Jojoba is showing up in more and more skin care formulas!
  • Frankincense | You might associate this smell with incense, or the story of the 3 kings. But did you know that wildcrafted Frankincense is another ingredient that could help to prevent acne AND lift and tighten the skin?
  • Rosehip | This ingredient is full of antioxidants and fatty acids that could help to hydrate, even skin tone, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Cypress | Cypress could help balance the skin and reduce inflammation!

Wildcrafted Beauty Products

Last but not least, we’d never leave you without a place to start looking for some AMAZING wildcrafted beauty products! So here’s a list of a few of our favorite beauty formulas that include wildcrafted ingredients!

  • Smoke Perfume & Co | New Moon Cypress Body Oil, $48
  • Flynn & King | Lunar 13 Restorative Oil Elixir, $65
  • Alpyn Beauty | PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer, $60
  • Absorb Skincare | Decadent Body Butter, $45
  • Living Libations | All Season Serum, $65

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